Wise Ass Wednesday

Word Patrol Edition

Toss them. Retire ‘em. Kick these to the curb:

“Crushing It’

“Killing It’

We all know they both mean to excel, to triumph, to win.

But they’re tired and trite. 

And, in these dumb damn days we hear way too much talk of violence. In fact, there’s way too much actual violence, not just cliched talk about it.

So, let’s retire, exile, expel, trash, reject, bury and forget “Crushing It” and “Killing It.”

Also, conventional terms of art that don’t mean what they say, let’s drop those too.

I mean “contractor” and “packing.”

We all know “contractor” actually means builder or carpenter. 

But those who build contracts are called attorneys.

They draft, negotiate and represent clients in contract work.

A builder or carpenter builds.

And we all know “packing” companies produce meat. So, let’s call them meat companies.