Remembering Zevon

When music buddy Stephen-in-the-Adirondacks asked about Warren Zevon last week, memories and music ganged up on me, starting with a 1978 Page Hall show – and not just because he jumped off the piano. He climbed to his feet slowly then, with painful effort. “I think I hurt myself, doing that Michael Jackson shit,” he … Continue reading Remembering Zevon

Wise Ass Wednesday

Late edition – Contrite Thursday… I did it, and I’m SO sorry. I admit it; I caused that ugly snow-mess on Tuesday morning. You know: trees and utility lines down, power out, traffic signals dead and everybody driving like cowboys late for the rodeo. Let me point out that others helped me; I know I … Continue reading Wise Ass Wednesday

Bonnie Raitt and NRBQ Pulsate the Palace

Live Review Good Friday can feel grim for many, but Friday felt very good indeed for mostly-boomer-vintage rock fans filling Albany’s Palace Theater to see Bonnie Raitt and longtime friends NRBQ. Compressing 12 songs into just 40 minutes, NRBQ introduced new numbers from “Dragnet,” their 37th album since 1968, and hopscotched around through so many … Continue reading Bonnie Raitt and NRBQ Pulsate the Palace

Wise-Ass Wednesday

“They always disappoint us,” cynically mused a veteran campaign operative character on “The Wire” after helping elect an insurgent Baltimore mayor to replace an entrenched corrupt one. Hello, Kathy Hochul – and that sure didn’t take long. While making herself readily available to big donors, our new-ish governor ignores the pleas of St. Clare’s Hospital … Continue reading Wise-Ass Wednesday

Wise Ass Wednesday

Word Patrol Edition Mini-splits: what? “Mini” means small, or smaller than usual; and “split” means divided, usually in two parts. So, bowling? A narrow split between pins left after the first ball? HVAC supplier Fujitsu’s web-site says mini-splits are heating and cooling systems with separate temperature control outputs in different rooms. They’re heat pumps with … Continue reading Wise Ass Wednesday

Wise Ass Wednesday

Word Patrol Edition Toss them. Retire ‘em. Kick these to the curb: “Crushing It’ “Killing It’ We all know they both mean to excel, to triumph, to win. But they’re tired and trite.  And, in these dumb damn days we hear way too much talk of violence. In fact, there’s way too much actual violence, … Continue reading Wise Ass Wednesday


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