Reggae’s greatest voice goes quiet. One death lost to this plague, any death, is one too many. But it’s hitting musicians especially hard, stealing both lives and livelihoods with the hiatus on live concerts. The list is too sad to recite here; it doesn’t stop with John Prine. Now another singular talent has gone. Frederick … Continue reading Toots

Wise-Ass Wednesday

A new feature in this dive-bar; Observations, would-be aphorisms, remarks and what-not. The optimist’s watch always runs slow.

Like a Hurricane

I heard it first. It woke me – a wavering high hiss with a low hum like a culmination or intensifying of the hiss.  Right on time, I thought, looking at the clock as I got up and headed to the bathroom. Hurricane Isaias was forecast to pass over Chincoteague and Assateague islands on Virginia’s … Continue reading Like a Hurricane

Watch, Listen = stream

The Legendary Characters Play Freedom Park Quarantune Streaming Series Tonight, July 25 From leading the Out of Control Rhythm & Blues Band Blues Band and Out of the Blues in the 80s and 90s, Rick Siciliano now plays what the drummer-singer cheerfully calls the “silver-haired circuit” with the Legendary Characters, a trio that entertains in … Continue reading Watch, Listen = stream

Thinking about Patti Smith

When friend and fellow Mountain Music Club member Dan from coastal Massachusetts recently sent a link to The Guardian newspaper’s Patti Smith profile, the powerful poet-singer came into sharper focus than that background awareness her 1970s work earned. It’s a good overview, in the U.K. paper’s ongoing series recommending entry points into recording artists’ work. I came … Continue reading Thinking about Patti Smith


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