The Day the Rolling Stones Played Albany

Hats off to the Gazette’s Brenton Blanchet for digging out such cool stuff about the Rolling Stones’ Palace Theatre shows, April 29, 1965.

In the Sept. 24-30 Ticket, he nailed perfectly the excitement of that British Invasion uproar coming to town. Fans’ memories and artifacts helped him tell that vivid story.

However, the subhead contains an error.

It specifies the 1965 show was “their only appearance ever locally,” but the Stones did return September 17 to play the then Pepsi Arena, as this setlist affirms:

Also, I was there, in one of four press seats for reviewers that night. And the show was way better than I’d dared hope. In fact, I got the review assignment in part because none of the other Gazette music writers wanted to go.

We all thought they were done. And we were wrong, in a big way.

And as magnetic, powerful and totally commanding – in short, magnificent – as the Stones were that night, the 13-piece (!) Alejandro Escovedo Orchestra was even better, earlier that same week, playing Brown’s Brewing Company’s Revolution Hall in Troy.