From Dennis’s Jazz Fest Journal

In Jazz Fest pilgrimages with Dennis Bidwell and Mike Gondek, nicknames developed: Dennis is Boogaloo, I’m Muffuletta Slim and Gondek is, well, Gondek. Dennis keeps a Jazz Fest journal and sent his own reaction to the mysterious appearance of the converted psychedelic school bus in my First Jazz Fest account. We both regret not boarding this conveyance to wherever and who knows what.

That will always remain as a What The Fuck Were We Thinking in not boarding the Interstellar Transmission that night. An ultimate lost opportunity. It would no doubt have been a life-changing trip to a parallel universe,  with Ken Kesey as travel guide. But we, timid souls, let it slip by.

From The Journal, Thursday, May 3, 2012:

“Then on to dba on Frenchman for Little Band of Gold. Warren Storm (75 yrs old), the leader of the band, on drums; CC Adcock on guitar; Don Egan keyboards; 2 old sax players; pedal steel.  All from Lafayette area. Warren was a pop swamp guy in the 70’s . Ani Di Franco appeared for several numbers.  Glen Hansard (Ireland, Once) guested. Also Billy Squire (Boston heavy metal, 80’s) on guitar, and a harmonica player who looked like he was from KISS.  Fantastic set in a very hot and crowded spot.  Great beers on tap – including NOLA Hopitchoulas IPA.

We emerged to be greeted by Intergallactic Transmission – a psychedelic converted schoolbus with band playing inside, open rear door revealing drummer wailing away.  A couple stumbled out – “Where Are We?”.  They cruise around, taking passengers, playing for tips.

Headed back to La Quinta by 1:30.”

That’s what I got.